Exhibit One

Blue Moon
Naomie Kremer, American – Blue Moon – 28″x78.75″ oil on linen

High Achievers
Andrew Baines, Australia  – High Achievers – 32″x48″ acrylic on canvas

David Wightman, British – Beatrix – 35″x59″ acrylic and collaged wallpaper

Higher Ground
Steve Harris, Australia – Higher Ground – 24″x48″ acrylic on canvas

Broad Shoulders
Gordon Smedt, American – Broad Shoulders – 63″x48″ oil on Canvas

Mario Sermoneta & Tali Elmaliah, Israel -Say – 47″x33″, .34″ thick, Giclee on Plexiglass

Heidi Conrod, Canada – Beehive – 60″x60″- oil and oil stick on board

The Beginning
Mario Angel, Canada – The Beginning – 48″x48″ – acrylic on canvas

Lake Project
Courtesy David Maisel and Haines Gallery, American – The Lake Project 64 – 48″x48″

Gillie and Marc, Australia – Butterfly Blue Dogman – 14″x11″x8″ – 12 lbs
Resin Sculpture Butterfly Blue Rabbitgirl – 18″x10″x7″ – 9 lbs – Resin Sculpture